• High Technology Service
    for Preventing Attacks
    of Fungal Diseases in Viticulture


Steps to take


The project intends to pursue the following targets:

* a prototype of the system for detecting the “downy mildew” pathology
* the installment of “weather units” for the acquisition of data
* the application of a forecasting software of “Goidanich” standard
* predictions by means of the use of artificial neural networks (ANN)
* verification on the field and in companies that use the data acquisition system and training of the user by remote.

During 2004-2005 the following was accomplished within the project, with the participation of Telecom, Pirelli Labs, Universities and of Research Institutes.

The First Measurable Results

The prototype has allowed in particular the optimization and decrease of the number of anti-downy mildew treatments -Plasmopora Wine- (in the last year from 12 to 7 in the case of development of the disease –Veneto; and from 5 to 1 in the case of absence of the disease – Lazio), with a saving quantifiable between 300/400 Euros per hectare (cost of the product + cost of the distribution).

All this regardless of the minor environmental impact due to the lower dose of the product distributed