• High Technology Service
    for Preventing Attacks
    of Fungal Diseases in Viticulture


Immediate Aims


Reduction of the use of pesticides Increase of the plants’ response to treatments Improvement of the final quality of the product
Reduction of the impact on the environment of the residues of pesticides, and less penalizing treatments for the ground, in case of monocoltures.
Improvement and optimization of the management of agricultural activities Traceability

Long Term Aims

pictureLong-term aims can be summarized as the following:

* Control of other variables (water resources, nutritional,etc.), *extension to other agricultural areas,

* The application of functions of a managing sort (derived from WELCOME2) with the use of avantguarde IT technologies to revolutionize storage philosophies,

* Management and processing of bulks of data; such variables suitably data-processed will allow to carry-out forecasting activities of events.